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Why We Built a Beautiful Coffee Shop

By April 18, 2013 5 Comments

Purple Door is now open! We have our first two employees! We’re working out the kinks, and have had some great business. It’s all coming together. And it’s a lot of fun.

We have really enjoyed showing the space to people. We have had people come pray over the shop, neighbors become regulars, and many people that have been following our story come take a look.The most common reaction to the shop is surprise at how beautiful it is. It’s a space that we are very proud of. It is a space that all can feel comfortable in. It is a space that can be taken seriously as a coffee shop.

It’s interesting that people find this surprising. I believe it stems from the fact that we are a non-profit and a ministry. Sadly in the Christian world many times we have failed to make things such as this beautiful and of high quality. We think that we can do something halfway and put the name of Jesus on it and it will be good enough. And because the name of Jesus is on it, no one can speak against it. This is sad to me. It’s a poor representation of our Savior, and it’s an inadequate approach to how we should live our lives for God. We never want


Here are some of the reasons we have a beautiful space:

  1. We are a ministry, but in order to be a successful ministry we have to be a successful business. We have to serve a good product, have a space that is accommodating, be competitive with other shops like ours. We have put the effort in to research what makes a successful coffee shop, and ambiance and decor is a huge component. If your space is one that people don’t want to spend time in–even if it is a great product you are serving–it becomes difficult to be successful.
  2. A huge component of our mission is to communicate dignity, value and love to our employees. We believe one avenue to do this is by hiring our friends to work in a space that is beautiful. They are valuable enough to work in a space like this. It is a space that they can be proud to work in. It is a space that anyone would be proud to work in. We never would want to provide a working space that is “good enough” for street kids, but not adequate for folks that right in the center of society, because we believe that people that all people, no matter their station in life deserve to be treated with dignity, honor, and respect.
  3. We believe that having a nice space is incredibly beneficial to the training process, not only does working in a nice space help one’s perception of self, but a huge component of successful training is expectations. The natural tendency of all humans is to live up to expectations when those expectations are: based in love, realistic, beneficial. We are able to help our employees live into a higher level of expectation because we have put the effort into the overall environment in which the expectations are placed. Asking people to live into something that you have not lived into yourself seldom is well received.
  4. We believe because we are a ministry–we are doing this because of our faith–it deserves to be done well. It deserves our best effort–from how we train, to the coffee serve, to how the space is put together. If we are doing this for God, we should be doing it to the best of our ability, using whatever resources we have to make the overall ministry the best that it can be.

So, come see us. Come see the space. Come by and enjoy some delicious coffee. Meet our employees. Be a part of our community.


  • Anicka says:

    I believe Ben and I so agree with this and try to do the same. Love your hearts and am so thrilled and excited about PDC being open and in the neighborhood!! And it IS a beautiful coffee shop and it should be! May all who enter it know us by how we love one another.

  • Mitchell Roush says:

    Committing to excellence, grace, integrity, and love will always be wonderful ways to bring Glory to God. Followers of this mission are celebrating with you all the way from Texas about your grand opening! May the Holy Spirit allow PDC and its employees to prosper and flourish.

  • Carol Vix says:

    Well done! So proud of you, Mark!

  • Carol Vix says:

    …oh and so grateful for the message you are sending through your work: that everyone has value because of what JESUS DID FOR US.

  • Marsy Thomas says:

    Congratulations! You all have worked very hard on this and the Lord has blessed your efforts. You have been in my prayers. God bless you.