We’re in the middle of week 3. Wow! It’s been amazing. Our sales have been great! We’ve developed regular customers! We’ve been welcomed into the neighborhood! We held our grand opening party and were overwhelmed by the turnout! Things are going great!
Most importantly, our employees are awesome! Both of our employees are hard workers who are eager to learn, willing to jump in, and they take instruction very well! We’ve all been learning together.

Right now we are continuing to roll and develop all our routines. We’re intentionally getting our story out to our neighbors. And dreaming and thinking about the future of Purple Door. Soon we will hire another employee. As our two current employs become more and more proficient behind the bar we will have room to train another employee. This will also free Madison and I up to do more of the running of the business and non-profit components, as well as lean even more heavily into the job and life skills training.

Our model so far has been that one of our employees and one of the management team is always on the bar. This has worked well, but with our overall mission of employing our friends off the streets in mind, we are looking for ways to employ more individuals. With that in mind, it makes the most business sense to have Madison and I always working the bar, so that we aren’t paying another employee, but we are more than just a business. We ask for your continued support as we move forward.


Needs of Purple Door:
1) Prayer
-Pray for the success of the business. That sales are great and that we develop great relationships with our customers.
-Pray that our employees continue to move forward.
-Pray that the fundraising that needs to be done happens naturally.
-Pray that Madison and I are given an extra measure of wisdom.
2) Customers
-Come see us. Come be a part of this community. We’d love to get to know you.
-Tell your friends about us so that they will come join the community as well.
3) Financial support
-While the business is reducing the need for fundraising we still need support. We don’t project self sustainability for a few years due to many factors involving the ministry.
-You can donate here. Please ask us if you have questions about our financial strategy and how the funds are spent.


Thank you everyone that has supported Purple Door so far. We thank you in advance for your continued support. We are blessed to have such amazing support. Prayerfully, your support will mean so much for our friends exiting street life for many years to come.