We Are Blessed

By June 26, 2012 No Comments

Lately I have been struck in a more pronounced way than usual by the blessing of being a part of what God is up to in the world. We are doing something that we believe is close to the heart of God, and the fact that He has allowed us to join Him in the journey is a huge blessing.

Flickr image by LeWEB12

But God has done us one better (per usual). He has helped support us along the way and has continued to open doors so that we can open this shop. We believe God will continue to open these doors.

As we have been working to open this shop we have been placed in an environment that allows us to learn about job training ministries, as well as spend time staying connected to the population we will serve. We could not have come up with this on our own. Because of these blessings we are able to start shaping the culture and community that we are trying to create before we open our shop. This is also a huge blessing that we could not have thought up on our own.

The way it is all coming together in a relatively organic way is helpful as we journey deeper and deeper into this project. It’s a fine line of making it about us and our desires, and making it truly God’s ministry. God’s evident work in this project has allowed us to discern that much more readily.

Someone said to me unprompted a couple of weeks ago, “It’s really clear that God is in this project.” That is the highest compliment we could hear. It means that we are not making it about us, and that God is blessing the effort that we putting in, and will continue to put in. Comments like that provide the affirmation needed to keep going.

The fact that we have an audience at all is a huge blessing and incredibly humbling. People actually read this blog! Thank you for that! The fact that people are willing to use their resources for this project is even more incredible. Thank you so much!

We ask that you join what God is up to. If this is something that grabs your heart, or that you believe in please join us. You can join us by connecting us with your community. We really want to tell our story as much as we can to new people, so please let us know if you have a group or individual that would be interested in hearing about us. We need funding right now, so if you have a desire to contribute to our effort please do so here. We can talk with people outside of Denver about who we are via phone and Skype. Please tell the Purple Door story as much and as often as you can, and we believe God will continue to open the doors to provide for Purple Door.