Want to know how to ruin your life and relationships?

By August 13, 2012 No Comments

So, this thought has been running around in my head lately. I think that no matter what you do or say, there is one sure fire way to make sure to ruin all of the relationships in your life. Want to know how? This is a secret I have figured out after years and years of observation and personal experience, so I don’t know if I want to share it with you…but maybe I will because I am a super generous person. Wanna know? Wanna hear it? I’ll tell you. Here it is. This is how you can lose all of your friends and ruin your own life:

Value people/individuals based solely on what they can give/do for you.

So many stories in the Bible make it clear that Jesus didn’t choose whom he hung out with based on what they could give him. It is also clear that Jesus loved and valued each person he interacted with.

We do not love so that we can be loved equally in return. We love because every individual deserves love. Love that is dependent on a response isn’t actually love at all. It is a true and deep love when one keeps on offering love when the other party wants nothing to do with it. Isn’t that what God does to us? He continues to offer His love and forgiveness to us even when we think that we are better off without Him or even when we think that we could never be good enough for Him. God continues to offer love. His love is not forced or obligatory. His love is a gift. Out of His abounding love, our obedience and faithfulness grows. True love inspires our best.

So, love.

Love hard.

And give value.

And then do it again.

This process is not easy; it is an everyday, moment-by-moment choice. Christianity is not defined by the big choice we make when we become a Christian; Christianity is defined by the decisions we make every few seconds.

So, want to know how to change your life forever for the better?

Genuinely see value in others and love them solely because they are people.

Peace out,