Ministry Update

“The State of the Door”

By September 24, 2012 No Comments

Sitting here enjoying my late afternoon cup of coffee I am reflecting on where Purple Door Coffee has been, is, and will be. This reflection has made me realize a few things: First, a lot has happened in Purple Door’s short life. We have come a long way; Second, we have shared the story fairly well up to this point, but if you missed a post, a picture or an email here or there things may be a bit fuzzy. With both of these things in mind Madison and I have decided it’s important to give a “State of the Door” update.

We just want to update everyone very directly about where Purple Door Coffee is in the process. We’ve had a lot happen in the past few months and a lot more is in the works.

We will update you briefly on our financial state, our location search, how the ministry component is developing, our estimated timeline, what you can be praying about in the process.


We have broadcast a need of $122,156 for our initial start-up costs, and have been diligently working towards that goal. We have fine tuned our budget with information gained in researching commercial properties and the coffee industry, what we learned in coffee school, and what conversations with folks in the coffee industry have taught us, we believe this is still a pretty accurate number, but the numbers may have changed on the budget line (for example, higher cost for an espresso machine and less for the tables). While this is still our goal ($122,156), we hope to cut costs with out cutting any quality through donated, or reduced cost, goods and services. At this point we have raised $97,459. We’re praying for God to continue to provide the remaining expenses, as well as provide avenues of cost reduction without sacrificing any quality.

If you would like to contribute you can do so here.

Once we are open we have a 3 year goal of self-sustainability. As we sell more and more coffee our need for fundraising will decrease, but the managers’ salaries (mine and Madison’s) will be the last thing to be sustained by the business. Once we raise our start-up costs fundraising will still be needed, but hopefully and prayerfully in an ever decreasing amount. Madison and I are still in need of salary for the rest of this year. If you are interested in supporting us so we can together provide jobs to our friends on the streets, and help them see their incredible value please donate today, and indicate in the donation where you would like your donation to go.

Thank you everyone who has given financially to this project. We are getting so close, and are very excited for what God has in store. 


We have been looking for properties! This is a big process, and an important process. It is fairly common knowledge that a location can make or break a business. We’ve looked at several properties and driven through countless neighborhoods just looking at what’s out there.

We’re in the process of discerning if a property that we really like is the one for us. Your prayers in this matter are so desired and needed right now! We trust that God has a location for us that is perfect, but discerning which property is the key.

We’re very thankful for all the help we’ve received in this process already!


Our primary mission and ministry is to employ homeless youth and young adults as they seek to rebuild their lives from homelessness, but our ministry overall is larger than this. We are engaging in moments and seasons of power placed under individuals through employment, relationships, and loving interactions.

Once we are open we can fulfill the employment component, but right now we are daily able to have relationships and loving interactions that place power under people so they may live the lives God intended them to live.

Relationships and loving interactions know no boundaries of race, gender, socioeconomic status, faith background, or any other label that can be placed on people. Our primary ministry now is living into those relationships and loving interactions to help empower people whether that is in a church in a wealthy suburb or on the streets with our friends who live there.

As we live into this mission we have learned about some best practices in job training which we will incorporate into that third component. Coffee will be the vehicle we use to facilitate us living into this mission that has been placed on our heart.

Once we are open we will be able to fully live into the mission and vision that has been placed on our hearts, but that does not mean we cannot live into it on some levels now. 

God has been shaping Madison and I as individuals in this journey and as a business/ministry team. It has been a time of growth and development that we believe will provide longevity to Purple Door, as well as allow us to journey with our employees, volunteers, vendors, customers, partners, and anyone else connected to Purple Door in more meaningful, impacting ways.

We believe that the ministry we engage in really is our lives–ministry, simply put, is how we live. As we form this organization we hope that others can be inspired to live lives of ministry–whatever that looks like for them.

We will have very intentional program-like components to what we do and we are constantly refining exactly what that will look like, but overall we hope to be a very tangible representation of who Jesus is to this world to all people we interact with. We believe that has incredible power. The ways of Jesus are transformative for all that encounter them.



With all these things in mind we want to tell you what we believe the timeline to look like for Purple Door.

We have been shooting for the Fall of 2012! Here we sit in the Fall of 2012 (as of this past Saturday). Ideally we would be open already or opening next month, but in reality it is looking more like December 1st at the earliest (if everything went perfectly, but we’ll be working with government entities for permits and the like, so in some ways it’s out of our hands), and most likely by early-mid January. Seldom does our timing really matter–God has this really cool plan, and we trust that He is doing a Good work. His presence in this process has been undeniable, and us not opening at our original goal date does not negate that, or cause us to doubt as we move forward. We trust God’s will wins out, and we submit to that. We will keep working, praying, and loving, and we trust that God’s going to be with us in that journey. Our desire is to open sooner rather than later, and we’re going to work towards that goal! God will be present the whole time!



In all of this we ask for your prayers.

Pray for our funding: We need to raise the remaining start-up costs, and we will also need to continue to raise operating costs once we are open.

Pray for the success of the business so we can move towards self-sustainability.

One of our most imminent needs is salary for Madison and I. Pray our salary needs are met so we can continue to spend all of our time and effort creating moments and seasons of power placed under individuals through employment, relationships, and loving interactions, without the stress of figuring out how we’re going to put gas in the car or buy groceries.

If you would like to donate to our start-up costs, or salaries, please do so here.

Pray for our employees. God is already at work on the streets in many ways, one of which is preparing the individuals we will employ. Pray they make decisions that better their situation now. Pray that they are open to the work of God. Pray that they can see their value. Pray for opportunities for us to love deeply.

Pray for our location search. Pray that we are led to the space we are supposed to be in. Pray that we find a space that suits our needs. Pray for the landlord to partner with us in our mission and believe in what we are doing. Pray for permitting to go smoothly. Pray for the right equipment, decor and furniture to be found. Pray that it will be a space that God is clearly seen in the loving actions that take place there.

Pray for Denver. This is a city that we love, and we see God at work everywhere we go. Pray that God is made known in new and exciting ways each and every day.

Pray for Madison and I as we live into this vision and mission. God has worked and is working in our hearts and lives, and we are very blessed to be a part of what God is up to in Denver. Pray for wisdom, patience, joy, honesty, and, above all, love.


Thank you everyone who has journeyed with us this far. We ask that you keep trucking along with us. We can’t even express how grateful we are for your support, and how excited we are to continue moving forward. 

Blessings and Love from Purple Door Coffee to you all!