The Final Push!

By September 1, 2012 No Comments

As of today we have right around $31,000 remaining in our start up costs! That’s not much compared to how much God has provided through all of you already.

We talk a lot about creating a community, a community that truly is Purple Door Coffee. In someways we’ve felt that our ability to shape a community is a bit limited until we open the doors of Purple Door. But here is a way you can be a very tangible part of the Purple Door community that will be vital to us opening our shop by this fall!

We need 31 individuals, families, groups, or organizations. 31. We have hundreds of people following the story of Purple Door. That number 31 is what will get us to our goal. We need 31 Purple Door Coffee Advocates working to raise $1000. $1000 is very attainable, and when you have lots of people working together it adds up quickly! We need reach this goal by October 15th so we can reach our fall opening date!

Once you sign up as a Purple Door Coffee Advocate you can get to work to raise that money however you want–bake sales, concerts, 5Ks, art sales, simply asking people for money, writing a check yourself, however you think you can reach that goal–get creative! We value creativity and would love to chat with you about your ideas. In doing this you will be doing some incredible things for the ministry and life of Purple Door Coffee. You will help us reach our fundraising goal–which we are SO thankful for! You will also help us tell the story of Purple Door to new people and in new places. Purple Door’s community will grow in so many ways because of your efforts! Thank you!

If you are interested in becoming a Purple Door Coffee Advocate we will equip you with videos and brochures as well as help out in whatever ways you need! Don’t hesitate to ask questions or bounce ideas off of us. We would love to hear from you! Email us at mark@purpledoorcoffee.com or madison@purpledoorcoffee.com.

So, grab a couple friends, your small group, your organization, your bowling team, your chess club, or anyone you can find and see what you can come up with to help provide job opportunities to homeless teens and young adults here in Denver, Colorado!