The Community of Purple Door

By December 20, 2013 No Comments

Purple Door Coffee is a community. A group of people centered around a cause, a mission.

Without the community Purple Door would be nothing. We would never have had the funding we needed to get going; we wouldn’t have a customer base; we wouldn’t have individuals giving us advice on the coffee program, job training, theological framework, and anything else we need advice on. We would simply be a coffee shop struggling to get by.

We would not be who we are without you.

As we continue to gather around this thing called Purple Door, we want to really articulate who we are as a community.

  1. We are about embracing and communicating dignity. We believe that every person has unsurpassable worth and value as made clear by the person of Jesus Christ.
    From that we believe all people have the capacity and need to contribute using what they have. Purple Door is a community of dignity, worth and mutual contribution.
  2. We are about equipping and teaching skills. We believe that so frequently people are unable to be the best version of themselves because no one has walked with them, and helped them become that. We believe that each person can contribute, can learn, can be more, and so together we strive to help one another be that best version of self.
  3. We are about doing things well. We want to call people to be their best, have standards and expectations. This is because of our belief that all people can offer something, and that they deserve to be the best version of self. And that’s what we ask, that everyone involved be the best version of self that they can be at that time. With Purple Door we do this because of our faith, and so we must put forth our best effort out of our love for God. There are days when we won’t be our best. The vision and goal of Purple Door is that the community will surround one another when we are not at our best, and when we are we will surround those that are struggling. Each of us can and will be givers and recipients of that support.

Thank you for being a part of the Purple Door Community in 2013 and helping make it such a beautiful year. Thank you for buying into the mission and vision of Purple Door.

We are excited to continue to be a community of love, acceptance, dignity, equipping and quality.