Sharing is Caring

By July 9, 2012 No Comments

Sharing is caring! This week as we continue to work towards matching $30,000, we would like to ask all of our friends to intentionally share our story!

Some of you have large online networks. Please, share about Purple Door to that network! Some of you have large personal or professional networks. Please, tell our story!

This past week we have seen the value of friends telling friends about us as we have received several donations from individuals that have heard about us from friends of ours.

As awareness of this effort grows, and as Purple Door Coffee makes new friends it pushes us closer and closer to opening our doors and providing employment to our friends. Robbie Goldman from Dry Bones Denver shared this about Purple Door: Over the last decade the one physical change in my friends’ lives that has provided the most positive change is a job. Just talking about Purple Door has inspired our Dry Bones friends. I can’t wait to see what happens when it opens.” Help us continue to inspire and provide that lasting positive change in the lives of our friends.

Facebook and Twitter friends, we ask that you share and retweet! Blogger friends, a post about us would be greatly appreciated. Church leaders, please share with your congregation and other church leaders about what God is up to in the city of Denver.  Whatever network you may have can be so helpful! Please keep us on your mind this week!

We ask that this week especially you intentionally help Purple Door become more well known. This will help up reach our goal of matching the $30,000 gift by August 15th. If you would like to give to the matching campaign you can do so here!

Thank you so much for those of you that have already been journeying with us! And welcome those who are now joining us! We are blessed to have your support!