Reflections After the Break-in.

By June 12, 2014 No Comments

Since I’ve had time to reflect on the break in at Purple Door I’ve unpacked it a little more. This post of Facebook is still my heart and response to the situation. Here is what we shared:

While the recent break-in is unfortunate and frustrating, this does not change how we feel about our neighborhood or any individual in the neighborhood. We love Five Points and the surrounding area. The break-in was an individual or group of individuals that still have incredible worth and value. We are saddened that they feel a need to do such things, but this does not change the fact that we care about them. We are also so thankful for the way the neighborhood has supported us up to the break-in and since the break-in. We will continue being who we are and doing what we do! Thank you so much for supporting us!

This is certainly how we still feel, but there is also more to it.

When Purple Door was broken into I thought about how fragile a thing it is. The Coffee shop could burn to the ground, we could be completely vandalized, or we could simply fail as a business from a financial perspective. So, what does that mean for us? What is actually the importance of this thing called Purple Door, and what would that mean for me as an individual if Purple Door Coffee were to simply cease to be? What I have come to realize over this past year is that Purple Door is the vehicle that we are driving at the time. It isn’t the point. It’s not the destination. Purple Door allows us to do what we believe we are supposed to do. Our value in our mission, the value of each employee or each customer and my own value are never in question, even if Purple Door Coffee were to fail. The Kingdom of God is bigger than any single organization, group of people or individual. Purple Door Coffee fits into the Kingdom of God, but it is not the Kingdom itself. And so if Purple Door ceases to be, or if it shifts in how it functions, as long as we are true to what God has for this world, we are doing what we are supposed to be doing. And so, things like a break-in are seemingly insignificant. They create opportunities for us to be who we say we are. It’s easy to proclaim the value and worth of people when times are good and when everyone is treating you well. It’s a different story when people are doing things that impact you in a negative way. We must continue to proclaim the value and worth of those that are against us, otherwise we will cease to hope for their future, and if we see cease to hope for anyone’s future, we no longer proclaim what God has for this world. And that is the only way we can truly fail.

And so when we function out of this truth–we cannot fail until we cease to be faithful to the life God has called us to–we are free to do that using whatever vehicle we choose, and if said vehicle breaks down, gets in a wreck, is stolen, it doesn’t change who we are or who we are called to be.

That said, we hope to have Purple Door Coffee be here for a very very long time, with other opportunities growing from it.