Redeeming the Ordinary

By October 29, 2013 No Comments

A food scale. This is something that is used all the time in the restaurant world. You’ll also see it in the kitchen of those concerned with portion sizes. It’s a pretty normal object.

At Purple Door we use food scales all the time, because we weigh our coffee beans and our water in order to ensure that we have the proper ratio of coffee to water so that we can consistently serve a great product. We have 6 scales scattered around the bar area and a few tucked away incase one breaks. They’re just another item in our massive list of equipment.

In our first week of training our employees said that they didn’t realize scales could be used for this. You see, on the streets, scales are used for drugs. That’s their usage in the world our employees are seeking to leave.

In their minds and lives scales have been changed from something that is associated with activities and items that drag people into the darkness to something that accompanies them into a place of light.

In some sense, this is a picture of God’s redemption. God redeems the person, but not just in some big abstract sense. God redeems the person in the everyday, in the little things. God also goes beyond the redemption of people, but delves into the redemption of this world that he created “good”.

Frequently as I’m portioning our coffee using our scales, I think about something as commonplace and ordinary as a food scale is a picture of redemption. God is bringing all things back to Himself.

I challenge you to look for the redemption of the ordinary. If God redeems scales, he certainly redeems His children. Take notice.