Providence, People, Patience

By August 15, 2012 No Comments

Provision- Purple Door is happening because God is moving. God is opening doors, and moving hearts, and giving us vision. God has provided for our needs along the way–financial, emotional, spiritual, social, professional; anyway you can think of, God has provided. We can’t explain it; we can’t control it; we recognize it, and are thankful for it. God is present in this work, and we are so blessed to be working on a project that we truly believe is close to the heart of God.

To me the two most incredible parts of God’s provision is how He provides in ways that we could have never thought of on our own, and how He provides things that we did not realize we need–he goes beyond felt needs to true needs.

I believe this is exemplified in the life of Jesus. The Jewish people were looking for a Messiah, and they believed the Messiah would be an earthly ruler, likely with military might. Their felt need was the need to overthrow the Roman Empire. God saw that the real need was to overthrow the empire of Evil, by conquering sin and death. Jesus was most certainly not a military leader, because that was not the true need of the people of God. Our true need is redemption–new life brought through Jesus. I’m thankful for God’s provision in His Son, and the way He continues to see our real needs instead of our felt needs.

Belay Enterprises is an incredible example of his provision in the story of Purple Door. We didn’t realize we needed to be incubated, and we couldn’t have come up with a the partnership we have with Belay on our own. It’s a beautiful thing. Dry Bones also continues to be an incredible benefit to Purple Door, and quite literally, we would not exist without Dry Bones.

God is the great provider, and we are experiencing this first hand.

People- God’s people have also been a huge reason for the advancement of Purple Door. If people were not responding the hurt of Street Kids here in Denver, Purple Door wouldn’t be happening. We’re thankful for people using what they have to help facilitate advancement of the Kingdom. The fact that we are working towards bringing justice into this world is enough for some people to be on board with us–whether we’ve met them or not. People from all over the country have bought into what we’re doing and have showed us their support. We’re so thankful for the responsiveness of God’s people, and the way they have allowed God to move in their hearts. Their responsiveness has brought Purple Door to where it is today, and together we will continue. I believe that the community of believers that is surrounding Purple Door is an example of what Jesus was praying for in John 17. He desired unity for followers that would come later. Thank you for unifying around Purple Door.

Patience- God’s plan is unfolding for Purple Door. We just have to wait. We wish we could have opened our doors 6 months ago, but God is at work and who are we to rush Him?

Gregory Boyle says it this way in regards to God’s work in people: “Ours is a God who waits. Who are we not to? It takes what it takes for the great turnaround. Wait for it.”

We need to be reminded of this in the startup process, but also with our friends on the streets. It takes what it takes–work towards it, and it will happen. We need to be reminded of this, even though we’ve seen it to be true.

The whole story of scripture is an example of how God is at work over time. God has been working to restore the world back to Himself since the fall. 2 Corinthians 5 encourages us to join in that restoration and reconciliation process. Restoration takes time. Reconciliation is a process. It takes what it takes. We serve a God who waits.

All three of these principles tie together. God provides, and frequently uses his people to do so. His people will help us meet a need, but needs are on going, changing, and complex. God’s people must serve this provident God and have the faith that He is at work, that He is reconciling and making it right–in His time, not ours. As we wait, we get antsy, but we need to perpetually remind ourselves of the provision of our good and loving God. Ours is a God who provides. Ours is a God who loves. Ours is a God who desires unity. Ours is a God who waits. Who are we not to?