Finca Salaca • Naranjo, Costa Rica


Luiz Salazar and his wife, Mari Cruz, own and operate Monte Brisas Micromill as a family business: They own four farms, and the mill is centralized among them at the family’s home. After harvest, the cherries are brought back to the house, where they are sun-dried on patios as well as on raised beds. They also have a dry mill on the property, so they are able to oversee production from plant to green coffee for export.

The climate around the farms and the micromill is perfect weather for processing: sunny and windy. The couple likes the profile of washed coffees, so they primarily focus on that process, but they also make some honey coffees as well.

In the cup expect sweet with tart acidity and a smooth mouthfeel; lots of lemon and lime flavors with toffee, almond and melon.



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