Finca Alto de Piapia • Tarrazu, Costa Rica


Ditso Micromill is overseen by Monserrat Prado Flores and Adrian Gamboa, representing about 2.7 hectares of coffee. Adrian is a third-generation coffee producer, and his grandfather is one of a group of farmers known as “The Pioneers” for being among the first in the area to produce a wide variety of products. Until 2017, the family had been delivering their cherry to a cooperative; now they have their own micromill. Coffee here is processed as Honey and Naturals. Coffees are dried on raised beds. Coffee “has become the core of our culture,” says Monserrat. “It is not just a simple beverage anymore. Coffee gathers people around it; is the reason for people to meet, is our motor of life, it unites families.”

In the cup expect sweet with tart acidity and a smooth mouthfeel; lots of lemon and lime flavors with toffee.



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