Perfect, Unconditional Love

By March 4, 2013 No Comments

The materialization of Purple Door has taken awhile. It’s been a dream of Dry Bones Denver for years. Madison first picked up the dream over two years ago, Belay has been incubating us for a year and a half, and we’ve been pursuing it full time for right around a year. And it is nearly here. It’s been a process that has been tiring in some regards, and incredibly energizing in others. As we are incredibly close to opening the doors we recognize that this has all come about because of love. People’s love for the vision of Purple Door, for Madison and myself, for our friends on the street, for the city of Denver has made this happen. God’s people have been incredibly loving. Madison and I have poured our love into the project, and as we have done this we’ve realized that our own personal love is limited. It’s not enough. But thankfully, there is a greater source of love that we can spread. The love of God is unending.

As I was thinking about this topic I came across this quote from Henri Nouwen:

“God’s love for us is everlasting.  That means that God’s love for us existed before we were born and will exist after we have died.  It is an eternal love in which we are embraced.  Living a spiritual life calls us to claim that eternal love for ourselves so that we can live our temporal loves – for parents, brothers, sisters, teachers, friends, spouses, and all people who become part of our lives – as reflections or refractions of God’s eternal love.  No fathers or mothers can love their children perfectly.  No husbands or wives can love each other with unlimited love.  There is no human love that is not broken somewhere. 

When our broken love is the only love we can have, we are easily thrown into despair, but when we can live our broken love as a partial reflection of God’s perfect, unconditional love, we can forgive one another our limitations and enjoy together the love we have to offer.”

The last section struck me deeply. So, as Purple Door is about to come into operation we invite you all to come forgive one another our limitations and enjoy together the love we have to offer.


Thank you for loving Purple Door and everything we are about. We’re excited to live into this mission together, and reflect “God’s perfect, unconditional love” into the world.