Passion For The Kingdom

By June 18, 2012 No Comments

This past week I got to share Purple Door’s story with over 600 people at Soul Quest in York, Nebraska. Soul Quest is a High School and Middle School camp at York College that draws people and churches from all over the country. This was a great opportunity to spread awareness about Purple Door, and we were thankful to be a part.

While at Soul Quest I got to teach a class. I spoke about living into your passions and gifts and turning everything in your life over to God. I encouraged the students to use what they have for the Kingdom–whatever that might be. Some of the passions that the students stated were: music, art, basketball, football, volleyball, reading, relationships, cooking, singing, dancing, learning, teaching, writing, poetry, and many others. I asked if they thought if those were useful to the Kingdom. Most sat in silence, others chimed in with a yes, but couldn’t really back up why they said yes. Some even said no.

At that point I was able to share our vision for Purple Door Coffee. I shared that I am passionate about ministry among Street Kids, and I am passionate about coffee. Showing the students that if a passion for coffee could be used for the Kingdom, then so could their passions– whatever they might be.

I encouraged them to live into those passions with a lens for the Kingdom. I encouraged them to not reduce Christianity to a formula or a strict set of rules and times that are used to approach God, but instead view Christianity as a life with Christ that will take you on a journey that you can’t predict–but it is a beautiful journey.

I also encouraged them to do it now. You don’t have to wait to start living a life intentionally oriented towards the Kingdom.

As we continue on this journey with Purple Door we will continue to live into our passions, and allow God to lead. Where we’ll end up is still to be determined, but we’re excited for the beautiful journey.

We hope that you are able to live into your passions with a lens for the Kingdom.

In the end what is most important is that you use what you have–whatever that might be–for the Kingdom. If you have a passion for painting find ways to paint for the Kingdom. If you have a passion for hosting events, host events for the Kingdom. If you have a passion for writing, write for the Kingdom. Whatever your passion is, turn it over to the Kingdom, and God will bless that. Remember that there is no formula for how to do this. If you have a heart that is surrendering to the Way of God moment by moment, you will make an impact when you live into the passions that God has placed inside you.

Some of you may have a passion or gift that could benefit Purple Door, and we would love to talk to you about that possibility. Some of you may have a heart for some other hurt in the world–live into that!

We hope that our time at Soul Quest spurred people on to live passionately for the Kingdom, and to live lives that are about living into the gifts and passions God has placed in each of us.

Thank you for all your support for Purple Door so far in this journey!