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Denver’s Essential Coffee Shops

Located in Five Points, this coffee house with a non-profit purpose roasts its beans in-house and employees teens and young adults who have been homeless.

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Denver’s Twelve Coolest Coffee Shops for Art and Ambiance

Where you sip your lattes and cappuccinos says a lot about who you are. Why spend your time (and hard-earned coffee bucks) at one of those bland national coffee chains when you can relax in the hip, artistic surroundings of Denver’s top bean bars? Whether you prefer sleek and modern or broken-in and cozy, Denver has an aesthetically pleasing coffee shop with a couch or stool just waiting for you.

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The Culture Trip

The 10 Best Coffee Shops in Denver

Born from a mission to help the homeless teenagers and young adults of Denver learn the skills needed for employment, Purple Door Coffee brings a special culture to the scene. This coffee shop is named for the idea that every person who enters the door, regardless of background or abilities, is treated like royalty…

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Denver: Purple Door Coffee, A Story Of Coffee & People

First opened in April 2013 in the historic Five Points neighborhood, Purple Door is a brainchild of Madison Chandler and Mark Smesrud, two of the program’s three present-day directors. “Purple Door came about in college when Madison and I interned with Dry Bones Denver, a program that exists to build relationships with the many ‘street kids’ here in the city,” Smesrud says. “Dry Bones had long dreamed of employing their friends from downtown to help them exit street life. Madison picked up this dream in 2010 and she convinced me to move here in 2012.”

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Coffee shop takes girl from homelessness to happiness

DENVER – Hidden on the edge one of Denver’s most colorful neighborhoods, the color purple is making a name for itself. It’s the color of the front door at The Purple Door coffee shop, a place that does so much more sell than coffee and tea. “The reason they call this place Purple Door Coffee is because back in the day purple … was for royalty,” said Jenna Williams, who has been working at the coffee shop for close to one year. “It had high value, and so whenever you walk through that door, anyone, they should know you have worth, you have value.”

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Huffington Post

Denver Coffee Shop Hires Homeless Youth, Gives Them Second Chance ‘No One Else Would’

Most bosses avoid meddling in their employees’ personal lives, but Madison Chandler and Mark Smesrud are different. They co-founded Purple Door Coffee, a Denver-based nonprofit that employs young people “who have been homeless and want to leave homelessness behind.” The shop provides a 52-week curriculum, teaching employees practical skills — like budgeting and banking — as well as the know-how to improve their physical, emotional and mental health.

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Denver Post

Purple Door Coffee in Denver’s Five Points provides jobs, training

The job market isn’t exactly booming for people who just spent 6½ years in prison. But thanks toPurple Door Coffee, Mike Staggs has been employed for the past 11 months. Purple Door Coffee, 2962 Welton St., opened in April 2013 and provides jobs to homeless youth and young adults as well as a way to learn the skills necessary to maintain employment in the future. The jobs can last between six and 12 months. Employees have to move on at that point. The idea, according to co-director Mark Smesrud, is that Purple Door staff wants to help their employees get jobs and give other youth a chance.

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