Just Business

By February 1, 2012 No Comments

“It’s just business”. This is a statement people use when someone gets burned. Someone gets the short end of the stick. It’s become a qualifying statement for when someone has treated another individual as a business deal instead of as a human being.

Because of this it seems that business has become something that is incongruent with the Kingdom of God in many people’s minds. Business is viewed as something ugly completely driven by the almighty dollar, and The Almighty certainly can’t have anything to do with it.

Thankfully in recent years the “Business as Mission” movement is gaining some momentum. Business is being utilized as a way to spread the Kingdom. Instead of “It’s just business” it has become “It’s a just business”. A business that recognizes the value and dignity of all humans. While the business may generate revenues and the operators of the business will intentionally do things to generate more income, it is never at the expense of other people’s value and dignity.

As a follower of Jesus I believe that Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross is the strongest statement of the value of all human beings that has ever been. We, as people trying to daily become more like Christ, must recognize that and live into the value statement that Jesus made on the cross. This is not just when we are doing “Christian” activities, but in all aspects of life–friendships, work, interactions with a clerk at the grocery store, and yes, even business.

Purple Door Coffee is about being a Just Business. We will be a business that will hopefully be very successful. This will take diligence, hard work, learning the industry, adapting to current trends in the world of coffee, being responsible with all our spending and so many other things. We will be a business, but we will run the business with people being our first priority because Jesus’ first priority was to show the incredible love that God has for this world–for people. We hope to live into that–to show love as we sell coffee, train employees, create community, look for good deals on cups and chairs. Everything we do will be motivated by the love God has for the world–the dignity and value established by that love.