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As people we tend to always be working toward a goal or a set of goals. My main goal right now is to open Purple Door Coffee. We’re working towards it, and constantly getting closer. That’s a big goal that I’m able to set little goals along the way for. It’s tangible. It’s achievable. It’s something that pushes us, and makes us work.

Last night I talked with friends whose goals are a bit more urgent, and somewhat dire. One friend needed bus fare so he could get to a friends house where there was a bed waiting for him, and a ride to his job in the morning.

Another friend was trying to get food and transportation figured out for tomorrow, because he had been working that week, but didn’t get paid until the next day.

Still another friend needed to get a ride to an appointment that would help them with housing, and if they missed it, they might miss their chance at a place to live.

Purple Door is my main goal, and I truly believe it is a meaningful goal, but it is so much less urgent than the goals of my friends. We have time to process and think about our choices, dream, grow, change, with our goal of opening Purple Door. Many of our friends don’t have that luxury. Their goals are urgent and time sensitive. These urgent, imminent goals are something that we want to help make a thing of the past for our employees. We want them to move into a space where they are able to process and think about their choices, to dream, to grow, to change and to move forward with their lives.

We hope that we can help our friends reach a place in their life where they can be the best people that they can be, and have goals that see beyond the immediate.

In that sense, there is an urgency to Purple Door. We desire to move our friends to a healthier stage of life through supportive and meaningful employment as soon as possible. Help us continue to move towards our fundraising goal by donating here.