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Getting To Know Erik

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Erik Kirby was born in Aurora, CO and spent time on and off the streets from the time he was 18 until now, at the age of 32. Erik joined our team in late February. This elusive and quiet character, that prefers to not be photographed, brings a lot of entrepreneurial passion to our space. Read more about his story below.

IMG_1309How old are you and how did you become interested in working at Purple Door Coffee?

I will be 32 in August. I heard about Purple Door through a Dry Bones contact and we both thought that it would be a good orientation for me to evaluate some of my previous actions at other jobs while learning fundamentals on budgeting and other topics that I didn’t get a really good grasp on when I was younger.

Well, we’re so glad to have you here. What is something that people might not initially realize about you?
I don’t know…I’m a bit of a softie, I guess. I’m an extreme spiritualist and polytheistic.

Are you originally from Denver?
I was born in Aurora and travelled a lot in my early childhood.

Can you share your favorite memory of working at Purple Door so far?
Meeting many new people and just getting strangers to smile.

How do you get strangers to smile?
Casual conversation and a lot of jokes.

Who is someone you look up to?
Will Smith.

He is a very well-known actor and music artist and overall he does more than just movies. He has businesses and supports causes that are life changing. He is an all-around entrepreneur. I learned when I was younger that he did music and movies and I was really inspired by that. Plus, he’s really good at what he does.

Do you desire to be an entrepreneur?
Yeah. There are a lot of things I would like to do. From tattooing to artwork to building motorcycles… making coffee… all sorts of things. And I’d like to one day write a program for a video game.

Do you have favorite spots in the city?
As far away as possible. I’m not really a big city person, but I do well enough. One day, I’d like have a retreat house, a little shack, but ultimately, I’d like to live where there is a lot of sand and a lot of heat.

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