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First Things First

By February 8, 2012 No Comments

“We are not starting Purple Door Coffee because we are better people or because we have a better approach to business than anyone else. We are starting Purple Door Coffee because we have experienced the overwhelming beauty of God’s love and we want to share that with others.”

Madison sent me this last week in an email. This got me thinking…

At Purple Door Coffee we’re about job training. We’re about helping people see their value. We’re about helping rebuild lives from homelessness. We’re about all these good things. But why we’re about these things is what is most important.

We’re about these things because of Jesus. 

Jesus is who we are trying to be like, and so, we care about the things he cares about. He cares about the poor. So, we at Purple Door Coffee are trying our best to care for the poor as Jesus does. Jesus made a huge statement of the value of people when he sacrificed his life for all people. We are striving to make that same statement of value in this ministry and in our lives personally. Jesus cared about being the people of God, and so we are trying to be a community of followers responding to hurts of this world.

While all of these things separated from Jesus would be positive for society, they would be lacking something–they would be incomplete.

I think of the image of one body and many parts found in 1 Corinthians 12. We have many roles in the Kingdom, but the reason we are all working together is because of Christ being the head, the source of it all. If we are acting independently from Christ we’ve lost the rest of the body and all the good that they are doing. Christ brings fullness to the work of His people, to His body. 

As we continue as Purple Door Coffee we proclaim Christ as why we are doing this.  And in doing so we find ourselves working together with the Kingdom at large, which is exciting, powerful and beautiful.

We have experienced the love of God through Jesus, and so we share it, just as others in the Kingdom have experience that love. And that love has motivated us to act. We hope that Purple Door Coffee is a place that proclaims the love of Jesus first and foremost.  We pray that all we do flows out of that love as a portion of what Christ is leading His body to do in this world.