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How do you recruit potential program participants?

Purple Door Coffee is the social enterprise of Dry Bones Denver. Dry Bones Denver is a long-standing community of support among Denver’s unhoused teens and young adults. All referrals for the job training program come from the outreach team at Dry Bones.

How do you financially support the training program?

The program at Purple Door is supported through coffee sales to churches, businesses and individual purchasers as well as monthly subscribers. In addition, the program relies on the support of individual and corporate donations and grant opportunities.

I have a business. How do I go about hiring one of your program graduates?

We are always looking for businesses who would like to partner with us in providing next steps permanent employment to our graduates. Please contact Tami at tami@purpledoorcoffee.com to further the discussion.

How are you a business and a non-profit?

We’ve designed our job training program to provide the critical skills our youth will need to succeed in both the workforce and in life. The extra cost of these supportive services, as well as the overhead of training new hires every six months, is far more than a traditional roastery could reasonably absorb. Our consistent goal is to be 70% funded through income earned and 30% funded through contributions from our generous donors, who make sure we can provide more than a job for each youth who enters our doors.

How are applicants chosen for the program?

A potential applicant discusses their desire to make additional steps in obtaining employment with a member to the Dry Bones outreach team. If Purple Door is a good fit, together they fill out an online application. A written referral is requested from both a member of the Dry Bones staff as well as someone from an outside agency, if possible. During the application process, an interview is conducted with each potential candidate. During the interview, the full commitment of the program is discussed. In making final hiring decisions the participants readiness and ability to commit to the 12 month process is evaluated. At the completion of the interview process a hiring decision is made.

Do you have an online application?

Since we only take referrals from DB, we do not make the online application visible to the public.


Is there a bulk/wholesale option for your products?

Yes, we have wholesale options for businesses and communities of faith. Head to the wholesale link here to get the process started! If you would like to purchase coffee for your personal use, but want more than the standard 12 oz bag, there are 2 and 5 pound options in the retail store.

I have a question about a product I received. Who do I contact?

Houston, our roaster, is happy to answer any of your coffee questions! Please reach out to him at houston@purpledoorcoffee.com.

Where do you source your coffee?

All of our coffee is sourced from direct trade resources. Direct trade is a type of coffee sourcing that involves buying coffee beans directly from farmers. Under direct trade, coffee farmers get a better deal and roasters and consumers get better access to the world’s highest quality coffee beans.


What does PDC do?

Purple Door Coffee serves youth and young adults in the Dry Bones community who are working to exit the street life. PDC provides a work program that leads to permanent employment, provides resource navigation, teaches soft job skills, provides practical experience to build a resume, and helps our friends continue growing healthy relationships. While our friends participate in the program, Dry Bones outreach staff and volunteers continue to journey alongside them. Dry Bones is able to support program employees with wrap-around resource services such as therapy, life formation coaching, housing assistance, and many other vital spiritual, emotional, and physical supports.

How was PDC started?

Dry Bones staff realized early on that most of their unhoused friends desperately desired a path out of homelessness. The lack of foundational life skills training and community support created immense barriers to joining traditional society. In response, Purple Door Coffee was launched in 2012 with the objective of creating a self-sustaining social enterprise that would provide foundational job and life skills training in conjunction with strong community support. PDC created an exceptional environment for job training and personal development for Dry Bones’ friends by first providing jobs in a small coffee shop. The enterprise then expanded this skill set into technical knowledge within the coffee roasting retail and wholesale business. Over the past three years, PDC has fine-tuned its job training program and further operationalized the business model resulting in solid growth. Today, PDC has 3 full-time staff with extensive industry experience. This team passionately serves young people advancing through the program, typically 4 at a time.

How can I volunteer at PDC?

Please reach out to our volunteer coordinator, Lauren Wertheim at lauren@drybonesdenver.org.

Is your organization a 501c3?

Yes, Dry Bones Denver and its social enterprise, Purple Door Coffee is a 501c3 organization.

What is your organization’s mission?

The mission of Purple Door Coffee is to reclaim and sustain the lives of unhoused and street-connected teens and young adults through supportive and meaningful employment.

Where does the money go when I donate to your organization?

Donations are used to support the mission of Dry Bones Denver and Purple Door Coffee. From survival supplies to mental health support, production expenses and educational costs, your donation enables our unhoused friends to create a new life path.

If you would like further financial information, please contact Nikki Wallace at nikki@drybonesdenver.org.

Who runs the organization?
Dry Bones Denver is run by a 12 person board of directors with the day to day operations of the organization overseen by Executive Director, Matt Wallace. Our social enterprises are overseen by our Director of Social Enterprise, Tami Bonner.
How can I partner with the organization?

If you are interested in volunteering with the organization, please contact Lauren Wertheim at lauren@drybonesdenver.org.

If you are a business that would like to partner with Purple Door Coffee by providing next step job opportunities, please contact Tami Bonner at tami@purpledoorcoffee.com.

How can I make a donation to your organization?

If you would like to make a donation please go to our donation page here.

Where can I find your financial documents?

To obtain further financial information, please reach out to our Director of Finance, Nikki Wallace at nikki@drybonesdenver.org.

Who do I contact to feature PDC in a media story or interview?

Please contact our Director of Social Enterprise, Tami Bonner at tami@purpledoorcoffee.com.

Tax-Deductibility & Refunds

What's your refund policy?

Purple Door Coffee will replace missing, damaged, incorrect and/or incomplete products in an order. Any order issues must be submitted to houston@purpledoorcoffee.com within 24 hours of delivery date. Please include your name, a brief description of the issue and pictures of the box, contents, and packing slip. For missing or stolen packages, name and description of the issue will suffice.

We will also accept returns or exchanges for non-coffee merchandise within 30 days from the delivery time and date, excluding any opened or used coffee products. Purple Door Coffee is not responsible for the shipping costs to return your merchandise. We are unable to accept returns and exchanges for any whole bean coffee.

Please mail eligible merchandise to:

Houston Shearon
Purple Door Coffee
1555 W. Thomas Avenue
Englewood, CO 80110

We are unable to accept returns and exchanges for any whole bean coffee. If you are dissatisfied with a coffee product, please contact us at (720) 428-8077. We will work with you to help find an appropriate resolution to your concerns.

How do I get a tax receipt for my donation?

If you make your donation online, you will automatically receive an emailed receipt. If you write a check, please include your email address and a receipt will be emailed to you immediately. All monetary donations will receive an end of the year donation receipt by January 31st of the following year. If you make an in-kind donation and request a receipt, it will be provided to you in a way that is mutually agreed upon.

Is my donation tax-deductible?

Purple Door Coffee is a social enterprise of Dry Bones Denver, a 501(c)3 charitable organization. Contributions to Purple Door Coffee are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law. This does not include the purchase of products.

What's the deadline to get tax credit for the current calendar year?

December 31st.

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