Construction Has Started! Help Purple Door Move Forward!

By January 28, 2013 No Comments

I have been awful about blogging lately. That will change this month especially.

IMG_1032If you like us on Facebook you have seen that construction has started! 

We’re building out the space which is incredibly exciting, because that means we’re close to opening! This also means we have tons to do over the next 6 weeks or so, then we have to run the shop which will be exceptionally busy and intense while we get in the swing of it.

That being said, some of you know our projection of being fully self-sustaining after 3 years of operation. This includes the salaries of full-time staff. In those first 3 years we plan to continue raising our salaries. So, our hope is that we can raise a good portion of the year one salaries and projected deficiencies in sales prior to being open. We have already made a small dent in this number, and hope that sales go better than projected to decrease the need for fundraising.


As of right now, we hope to raise $50,000 more in donations and/or pledges for year 1 prior to opening our doors.

This is a big number, in a short amount of time, but we believe it is attainable and hope that you will partner with us as we work to employ, job train, and communicate love and value to our friends working to exit street life. You can go here to donate.

If we can reach this goal it will provide incredible stability for year 1 of Purple Door, and free Mark and Madison up to pour all of their efforts into training employees and running the shop.

We will be regularly posting photos of progress of the space on our Facebook page. Take a look so far! We will also keep you updated on all of our progress this month through blogs, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

This week we’re excited to see the space take another step towards becoming Purple Door Coffee. We’re incredibly thankful for how God has provided for this process, specifically through all of you! Thank you for journeying with us! Please let us know if you have questions!