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Community: Part 2

By April 4, 2012 No Comments

Looking back at all the stages of my life, what is most memorable is not the houses/apartments I lived in, the cars I drove, the job that I worked at. What is most memorable is the community that surrounded me. When I think of my time at College, I don’t think of my class schedule or my work study jobs, I think of my friends, my professors, my church community. When I think of growing up I think of the people I went to school with, the people I worked with, the families that were in my life. Community is what shapes a life experience.

Image by thelesleyshow on Flickr

This is why creating a community in our space is so important. It is very important that Purple Door Coffee is a place of love and belonging for all who enter. If you don’t know where our name comes from, historically the color purple has been associated with royalty. We desire to treat all people like royalty–from customer, to vender, to employee. The Door symbolizes an opportunity to a new life. So, our desire to create authentic, transformative community is right in our name.

While working to open, a big aspect of what we are doing is connecting to the Christian community in the city of Denver in order to share our heart and our vision, and with the hopes that the community of believers will embrace what we are up to and create a living, vibrant community in our space when we open.

Community is very important because many of our friends on the streets have experienced only one accepting community in their lives–that is the community present on the streets. This alone can cause difficulty in trying to distance oneself from street life. Their is love shared between our friends on the streets, but that same community is where many of the decisions are made that keep them on the streets.

With the community we create at Purple Door we hope to draw on the positive aspects of the community experienced on the streets and replace the negative aspects with positive community as our employees seek to begin a new life. Until our friends find and connect to a new community it is nearly impossible to exit street life. It is so important that our friends are surrounded with healthy and loving community as they seek to start fresh.

We cannot create this community alone and ask that you partner with us in our journey to shape a healthy, accepting community that is a true testament to the love of God.