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Community – Part 1

By February 20, 2012 No Comments

Community is kind of a buzzword in Christian circles right now. I hope it’s a buzzword that is here to stay. Community is so vital to life as a follower of Jesus. It is necessary for humanity. God created us to be connected to people.

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As our employees exit street life they will be leaving a community that they know. As they exit this community it is so vital for them to find new community away from the streets.

Our prayer is that community groups, faith communities, churches, Purple Door regulars will surround our employees with safe, healthy and loving community.

This ties back to the concept of development. Development helps the whole person. If we simply provide a job and nothing else, we’re missing something. Our employees won’t work at Purple Door Coffee forever, and a community that surrounds that individual can continue to be in relationship beyond their time working with Purple Door. If we don’t provide community it may be much more likely that are employee’s transition away from the streets is only temporary.

Community is also the best context to share and grow in faith. We hope and pray that our employees connect to communities that help them see Jesus clearly.

We hope that you join us in providing this community. When we open, come spend time with us at Purple Door. Get to know our employees. Be a part of what God is up to through this ministry.