An Update on the Needs of the Ministry

By February 6, 2012 No Comments

Purple Door Coffee is starting to gain some momentum. We are making connections, praying as we make decisions, spending time on the streets meeting people, and moving closer and closer to the vision becoming a reality.

As we move forward we hope that you can find a way to contribute.

We have 3 primary needs currently:

1) Financial Support

We are in the process of raising startup costs. We need $150,000 to cover start up costs and the projected needs of Purple Door for it’s first year of operation. This figure includes a full renovation and paying for furniture and equipment. We hope to find a location that will not need a full renovation and we would like to recycle some furniture to cut costs. Also, in the renovation phase, we hope to find people that catch the vision of Purple Door Coffee that would be willing to donate the skills of carpentry, painting, and general renovation needs that could save us a great deal of money.
You can head here to donate.

2) Prayer

We ask that you pray for us as we seek to meet the need of employment among Street Kids in the city of Denver. Pray for the Street Kids we employ, pray for wisdom for the leadership, pray for the love of God to be completely evident. Stay in touch as we move forward to find out about specific needs. Follow us on Twitter and like our Facebook page to get regular updates.

3) Awareness

We ask that you raise awareness among your faith community, your families and friends of the work that we are engaging in. Help promote us on the internet via social networking by simply sharing our Facebook page, tweeting about us or linking people to a blog post.

Please ask us questions about anything to do with Purple Door Coffee!