Street Life

“A Problem”

By May 22, 2012 No Comments

To be viewed as “a problem” impacts one in a deep way. It impacts one’s understanding of who one really is. It prevents one from seeing their own value.

Our friends on the streets encounter this every day. With the passing of the urban camping ban here in Denver this profile of being “a problem” is even more strongly embedded into our friends’ minds.

Image by Tyrone Clakely on Flickr

Our friends are not a problem. They are valuable people that are in a difficult place, fighting an uphill battle. They are people that deserve love and can give love; people that are funny; people that are creative; people that are helpful. Our friends on the streets are not a problem.

Because of their value, we don’t want them to stay in the situation that they are in. We want them to experience a safe place to sleep. We want them to not have to worry about whether or not they will eat today. We want them to be able to meet their daily needs. We want them to lead a physically, psychologically and spiritually healthy life.

At Purple Door Coffee we hope to communicate that our friends are not a problem, and that we want what is best for them. We want to communicate that they are valuable. We want them to realize that they matter, that they can make an impact, and that they are deserving of a healthy life.

We hope to equip our friends to lead that healthy life. Help us in this journey to communicate to our friends that they are not a problem and to equip our friends to lead a healthy life by donating here.

God is doing some cool things with Purple Door Coffee and we hope you can join us in this journey.