Hobbies and Passions

By June 5, 2012 No Comments

There are somethings that people that are close to me know that I love: baseball; music (especially live); hiking; coffee. These are some of the most pronounced of my hobbies and interests. These things are fun and I really enjoy them.

Flickr image by Rafael Amado Deras

Many people that know me well also see my passion for ministry to and among the margins–to people on the edges of our society. During my internship with Dry Bones Denver my passion became more specific to the homeless teens and young adults that are prevalent here in Denver. This is a population that has captured my heart since my first interaction with them.

I have now been in Denver for just shy of 5 months, and each day I think about how blessed I am. I have been moved into a job that allows me to live into a passion for ministry with Street Kids here in Denver. I also get to work in the world of coffee. Non-coffee lovers probably don’t get how awesome this is, but for someone who loves coffee, this is a dream come true.

God is pretty awesome how He takes our interests, hobbies, and joys that are seemingly disconnected from the Kingdom and allows us to combine them with an area of need in our world in a way that becomes a clear demonstration of the Kingdom of God and what He is up to in the world. We at Purple Door Coffee are so blessed to be a part of this journey, and we love how many of you have shown support and are now sharing in our vision. We pray that God continues to be present and more people catch the vision each and every day.

In my process of leaving Dallas to come work with PDC one of my co-workers said to me, “If there is anyone that can use coffee to make a difference in the lives of the homeless, it’s you.” This was affirming. And really it was a calling to live into who God has created me to be. I have always enjoyed coffee, and in the past few years have developed a joy from coffee. I have a passion for street kids, which does not make much sense for a guy coming from North Dakota where the homeless population was minimal when I lived there–but that passion is a part of me. A combination of these two elements of who I am provides for a way to bring the Kingdom to the here and now. It’s who I am, and I can’t really see myself doing much else at this stage of life.

What are your interests and passions?
How can they be used for the Kingdom?
What creative ways can you be active about bringing the Kingdom about by using who you are?