Purple Door Coffee

To reclaim and sustain the lives of homeless youth and young adults through supportive and meaningful employment.

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Roasting and brewing excellent coffee in order to job train young people leaving homelessness behind.

Who We Are

Purple Door Coffee is a specialty espresso bar and coffee roaster in Denver, Colorado that employs teens and young adults who have been homeless and want to leave homelessness behind.

Life is a journey. An ever-evolving, unexpected dance we share together. With friends, family and even strangers acting as partners along the way. It’s a journey we celebrate in arms. It’s humanity.

But, some have to go it alone. Feeling depleted by circumstances, rejected by the outside world. At Purple Door Coffee, we believe in redemption and the brilliant transformation that can come with the support of an impassioned community. When we open a door to opportunity, we open a door to dignity–for everyone. Unlocking possibility and hope. Developing worthy lives.

We’re conscious curators of experience. Striving to make the life experience richer, more beautiful and full of vibrancy in all that we do. One coffee brew at a time.

Call us believers. Know us as a community. Meet us as friends.

Purple Door Coffee
Gather, and grow.

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